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Monday, December 17, 2012

Accordion Wallet in Tea Garden (Ready made)

Made with Tea Garden and companion by Michael Miller (U.S. lightweight cotton). Features many compartments for storing multiple cards, receipts, cash, coins etc.

*Approx. Measurements:
-20cm length
-10cm width
-3.5-4cm thickness when closed
-10cm x 3.5cm closure flap

-2 long zip compartments
-4 long accordion slots
-2 long cash slots
-2 small slots
-14 card slots
-hand-sewn side bindings

-Tea Garden and Companion by Michael Miller (lightweight U.S cotton) exterior.
-Pink cotton drill interior.
-2 pcs 18cm SCZ nylon zippers
-1.4cm magnetic snap closure
-Fully interfaced

-RM130 (exclude postage)

If interested, please email justayans@gmail.com


  1. Salam, i am interested, but can it be made in other assorted colours?

    I've sent u an email